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Joey Ngo - 19 Viet.

  1. In my life, I have a few I could call my brothers. These people I call my brother, I have the utmost respect for them. I look up to them, and I appreciate what they do. They help me and I help them. Or so I believed.. I guess its not always what it seems.. Maybe its just something you trick yourself into believing..

  2. We see the change we see the goal.
    We strive to live and try not to be dull.
    We tend to be weak, but we act so strong.
    A strong front with a honest soul is nothing wrong.
    We wish to depend or we wish to not invade.
    The things we tend to do to not make this feeling fade.
    Treat our hearts like a jewel of jade.
    and try to give it as much aid.
    We all want to be happy, but there’s so many questions.
    So much pressure it raises up the tension.
    We have faults and fail over and over.
    But we still strive because it’s not over.
    This chapter may have ended, but the story is still going.
    Sometimes we just need to keep going in order to keep growing.

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    Ed, Edd, and Eddy Illustration bloochikin

    Pretty sick. 

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    RIP Brian Griffin January 31, 1999 - November 24, 2013

    I cried here :(

    T.T my feels watching this episode. WHHHYYYY

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  11. I’m pretty scared to lose this happiness.. The smiles and memories.. There’s moments where I feel like I have it completely in my grasp and another moment feels like I’m about to lose it. I feel like I always feel something wrong, and I’m scared.. I’m scared I’m going to lose this battle. I don’t want to lose these moments.. But I feel like either I lost.. Or I’m lost..

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    Big Sean - Sierra Leone
    She tell me she love me
    I’m everything that she want

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    Drake and Josh shaped our generation like I’m 99.99% sure that this show is the reason I’m so sarcastic.

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